Car Seat for Toddlers

By Phillip | May 29, 2014 | Child Safety

When you are satisfied that your child has grown big enough to be seated rear facing, you might go for a forward facing car seat which is generally used for toddlers above 2 years. The forward facing is recommended for toddlers weighing greater than 40 lbs or toddlers aged above 2 years. These seats are designed in such a manner so as to accommodate your child through various phases of his growth instead of a particular age. Majority of these seats can be used by children starting from a toddler till the time they reach their teen age.

You will find a wide range of best rated convertible car seats available in the market but it is entirely your decision whether you want to purchase an infant only car seat first and then go for another car seat for toddlers or you may simply want to purchase a single convertible car seat which can be used to solve both the purposes. It would definitely be a wise decision to go for a single convertible car seat which can be used as rear facing for an infant and can be converted to be used as forward facing when the child grows out to become a toddler.

3The convertible car seat comes with a 5 point harness system which allows you to restrain the infant within the seat when facing rear. Once the child grows and crosses the weight and height dimensions of rear facing, the seat can be converted and fitted in a forward facing position in the vehicle. However, you may still continue using the harness system as it is ideally considered as the safest restraint for children in a moving vehicle.

As your child grows, you may wish to opt out of the harness system and allow the seat to become a booster. Now you may just require the seat belts of your car to be fitted into the appropriate slots of your car seat. This ability of a single car seat to adapt as a multipurpose car seat makes it the most versatile car seat in the market. It is believed that it grows along with your child. Although these convertible car seats are expensive to their counterparts, they turn out to be a smart purchasing option if you compare purchasing it with purchasing three different car seats required for your child starting from infant to youth age. If you want to buy the best car seats, Tot on Board is the place to checkout. They have various seats which are reviewed and rated by the experts and they also feature the best deals on them.

Each convertible car seat comes with an expiry date which is generally 8-10 years from the date of its manufacturing. This is due to the fact that the seat components may start degrading by that time and the seat may not provide enough safety for your child by that time. However, you may check the manufacturer’s limit mentioned in the car seat manual on how long the seat can be used. Some manufacturers may also offer a car seat service from time to time in order to check the safety features of the car seat and the durability of the car seat components. Others might just offer you to simply bring back the car seat after its expiry date and get a new one at a reduced price. You may search for various brands and offers online to get the best convertible car seat for your child.