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Top 3 Baby Carriers for Dads

Becoming a parent is a feeling too beautiful to explain in words. Both the mother and the father seem to be going through waves of joy and excitement for welcoming the newborn. While they do so, they are also gearing up to share the responsibility of the infant. Definitely there are various baby products and gears available in the market for a mother. But this market is slowly opening up to offer useful solutions to the doting dads too. One of the most important gears to be tried and managed is the baby carrier. Going by the experience of the users, the Ergobaby Carrier, the Mei Tais and the Moby Wrap have been given the maximum votes for their high performance. You can also view other best infant carrier 2014 or read detailed reviews of other baby carriers here.

Ergobaby Carrier:

ergobabyThe Ergobaby Carrier is one of the most promising designs to wear and hold the baby. This carrier has proven to be easy to use and simple to get the baby on the back by one’s own self. It is designed to include large straps which can be easily clipped. Although the Ergobaby carriers are slightly expensive these offer myriad of functions. Initially the new dad might have to struggle learning how to use it. But slowly he is bound to get the hang of it and infact will find it extremely user-friendly. Also parents have been singing songs of praise for another version in this category – the Beco Ergo baby carrier. They mostly happen to share most of the features but is believed to give more comfort compared to the former one.

Mei Tais:

mei-taiAt the second level, most of the new dads found the Mei Tais to be the preferred choice. Generally men prefer black or grey colors in the baby products. They will be highly pleased with Mei Tais which come in several designs and patterns. These are considerably lower in price compared to the Ergobaby Carrier. It needs to be tied around the back and strapped over the shoulders. It is designed to include a squared piece of fabric which keeps the infant against the body of the user. Even with the baby being heavy, Mei Tais prove to be a success in holding the baby for longer span of hours. The best part about this is that Mei Tais can be used as front or back carriers.

Moby Wrap:

The third best baby carrier is the Moby Wrap. It is a boon for all the new dads who yearn to hold moby-wraptheir baby but with maximum comfort. It is characterized by a long fabric piece and comes with a lot of elasticity. This helps in easily changing the position for better comfort to the baby and the father. The user will have to wrap the fabric several times around the body so that the baby weight can be distributed evenly. Unlike many other carriers, the Moby Wrap firmly grips the head of the baby. So the father can rest be assured and use hands to deal with the newborn. Since it is pretty simple to make, one can avoid spending money outside and make one at home. This baby carrier allows the father to take up several positions for holding the baby – from the stomach or the hip.

In order to figure out the one baby carrier which suits the needs, an advice will be to step into a store. Try all of them and choose the best one.

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