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How Much Effective are Over Ear Headphones?

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With the ever evolving world of technology, you cannot allow yourself to be one of the few that are not able to advance technologically. The over ear noise cancelling headphones offer a wonderful experience and they give you a comfort that is better than the other usual on ear headphones. They have quite a number of benefits and they have very many outstanding features that make them stand out and increase their demand from the loyal customers. If you want to view top rated headphones, Headyo reviews the best over ear noise cancelling headphones in great detail.


  • They are one of the few wireless headphones around and all they require to function is just select the music you want to play from either your phone or iPod and as long as they are compatible it will automatically play the songs.
  • They are also unique because they have the Bluetooth device which is something not common with the other headphones. This Bluetooth device helps you communicate without having to place your handset on the ear. It comes in handy when driving or when you do not want the hassle of having to lift your handset.
  • It has a design that makes it comfortable to wear and it is very comfortable.


  • They guarantee you extremely high performance because of their high quality features.
  • The ear cups have been designed in a way that makes it comfortable for you when you wear. They are comfortable in the sense that even if you wear them for so long you will not experience any pain.
  • They have leather ear pads. This means that it makes them very durable and they are guaranteed to last long.
  • They are designed in such a way that the sound produced cannot affect you no matter how you long and loud you listen. This is because the natural sound that comes from the headphones is protected by the ear cup and they absorb sound so that the loud music does not affect you.
  • They have balance control buttons for the right and left volume adjustment. This means you can opt to listen through one of the sides, but is not advisable because it is important to balance both ears.


  • They can be expensive for some people.
  • They can be addictive which can be a negative effect mostly for the young.
  • They can distract you from other important things.
  • They can cause accidents especially when you walk around with them and you do not concentrate on where you are going on the road especially.

These over ear headphones are clearly ones you cannot fail to get for yourself. They are absolutely worth having and they guarantee you the best results because of their outstanding features.

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Why Should You Purchase a Baby Monitor?

Most of the parents around the world wonder as to why it is necessary for them to install a baby monitor when they have a baby at home. The basic idea behind purchasing a baby monitor is to monitor your child’s activities while you are away from him. Parents, especially first timers, are very curious about their baby’s movements and activities. It is also a fact that it becomes difficult for working parents to keep an eye over the child throughout the day. Even for housewives, it becomes a difficult task to continuously monitor your baby’s movements as they have multiple tasks to be taken care of at home such as cooking, cleaning etc. Taking care of your baby throughout the day makes both of you tired enough to fall asleep as soon as you lie on the bed. At the same time, surveillance of your baby is a never ending process and you have to find out ways to keep an eye over your baby’s activities even during the busiest hour of the day. Watch My Tot offers some genuine reviews of the best baby monitors available in market and also lists some great ongoing deals for your purchase.

32A baby monitor helps you to achieve this task of monitoring your baby. It provides, nervous parents just like you and me, an assurance that our babies are safe wherever they are inside the house. Whether you are asleep or tired or relaxing in your room, you always have an option of listening to your baby’s sounds and visualizing his activities inside the room. Some baby monitors also allow a two way talk system wherein you can speak back to your baby and listen to his sounds simultaneously. This gives the baby a fake sense of security and helps him feel that he is not alone in the room. It is believed that babies cry, out of curiosity whenever they wake up from sleep. Installing a baby monitor in his room allows you to speak to the baby and calm him whenever he wakes up. The baby would feel the presence of his parents around him inside the room, would become less frightened and ultimately calm down.

Baby monitors are very useful for first time parents who feel extremely terrified of leaving their baby alone even for a short span of time. Although their fear is understandable, installing a baby monitor would relieve them of all these fears and anxieties giving them a more slacken lifestyle so that they can enjoy their new experience as parents.

There are various best rated baby monitors available in the market. Broadly, they can be classified into two categories namely wired and wireless baby monitors. Wired baby monitors provide excellent connectivity but are less portable and a bit complicated due to the wires involved in them. On the other hand, wireless baby monitors are simple to install, easily portable but their signals can sometimes interfere with other wireless devices installed at your place.

Baby monitors are also available with just audio, video or both audio and video features. The latest ones come with multiple receiver options wherein one can install more than one video display device at various places in the house connected to a single transmitter device installed in the baby’s room. The receiver modules nowadays come with high audio quality and digital video quality so that you can view and listen to clear signals from your baby. Other features included in latest baby monitors is temperature display, sound activated light system, multiple receiver and transmitter units, low battery indicators and high frequency for longer range of signals.

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