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Five Outdoor Sports Ideas for Kids

Sports activities play a vital role in the growth and development of kids and children. After attaining the age of 3 to 4 years, parents should ensure to introduce their kids to the world of sports. It is good and advisable for kids to sweat out while they are playing outdoors. Sports add to the overall growth and development of mind and body. Parents must ensure to distract their attention from computer, laptops and television. Sporting out essentially helps in developing a child socially as well. Explore some outdoor sports ideas for kids.

Outdoor Sports Ideas for kids:

1. Swimming: Swimming is a great fun filled and loving sport of children especially in summers. It chills out and makes the kid enjoyable. Swimming refreshes mind and body completely. Training the child for swimming indeed helps in strengthening bones and muscles. It is essential to supervise the kid doing swimming.

2. Walk Blind folded: This is a very popular game since childhood days. Not only kids but even elders enjoy playing it. Kids can play this game as well. Since this is a team game, they can accompany their friends and play. One player from every team gets blindfolded and chases the players of opponent team. This would teach them team spirit and alertness.

3. Electric Scooter: Kids are attracted towards vehicles. They took wish to drive their father’s car or mothers two wheeler. But in replacement to this, parents can bring in riding toy for their kids and electric scooters are the best in this case. Kids can easily ride electric scooter and take it from place to place. Since it is battery operated, it does not create any pollution as well.

electric scooter

4. Skipping: Skipping is also a popular sporting idea for kids. It is done with the help of the rope. Kids need to jump ahead of the rope as and when it comes near feet area after constantly rotating it above the head. This helps in activating the bones and muscles of kids. With consistent outflow of sweat, kids would remain fit and healthy as well.

5. 500: 500 is a very active sporting idea for kids. It is again played in a team of 10 to 20 children and onwards. Every child in the team is given a number. The player that starts the game will throw the ball in the air and speak out some relevant number. The number which matches with the kid is supposed to catch the football before it touches the ground. This game is indeed very active and calls for great amount of running, activeness and fun.


Outdoor Sports are very beneficial to kids. They not only provide physical benefits to the children but also help them in growing socially. The sports develop physical strength, eye coordination and balance amongst kids. From social point of view, the kid starts turning responsible towards the society. Kids learn to work in teams, act as a leader in certain situations, discipline and citizenship.

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