How Much Effective are Over Ear Headphones?

By Phillip | July 16, 2014 | Electronic Gadgets
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With the ever evolving world of technology, you cannot allow yourself to be one of the few that are not able to advance technologically. The over ear noise cancelling headphones offer a wonderful experience and they give you a comfort that is better than the other usual on ear headphones. They have quite a number of benefits and they have very many outstanding features that make them stand out and increase their demand from the loyal customers. If you want to view top rated headphones, Headyo reviews the best over ear noise cancelling headphones in great detail.


  • They are one of the few wireless headphones around and all they require to function is just select the music you want to play from either your phone or iPod¬†and as long as they are compatible it will automatically play the songs.
  • They are also unique because they have the Bluetooth device which is something not common with the other headphones. This Bluetooth device helps you communicate without having to place your handset on the ear. It comes in handy when driving or when you do not want the hassle of having to lift your handset.
  • It has a design that makes it comfortable to wear and it is very comfortable.


  • They guarantee you extremely high performance because of their high quality features.
  • The ear cups have been designed in a way that makes it comfortable for you when you wear. They are comfortable in the sense that even if you wear them for so long you will not experience any pain.
  • They have leather ear pads. This means that it makes them very durable and they are guaranteed to last long.
  • They are designed in such a way that the sound produced cannot affect you no matter how you long and loud you listen. This is because the natural sound that comes from the headphones is protected by the ear cup and they absorb sound so that the loud music does not affect you.
  • They have balance control buttons for the right and left volume adjustment. This means you can opt to listen through one of the sides, but is not advisable because it is important to balance both ears.


  • They can be expensive for some people.
  • They can be addictive which can be a negative effect mostly for the young.
  • They can distract you from other important things.
  • They can cause accidents especially when you walk around with them and you do not concentrate on where you are going on the road especially.

These over ear headphones are clearly ones you cannot fail to get for yourself. They are absolutely worth having and they guarantee you the best results because of their outstanding features.